African Dance and Drum Troupe

Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Music; Geography
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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African Dance and Drum Troupe

Direct from Senegal

In keeping with our tradition of bringing schools the absolute finest in assembly programming we are overjoyed to be able to announce that the incomparable African Dance and Drum Group from Senegal will be coming back to the US next year to do one last school tour. If your school has been fortunate enough to have had this group in the past than you know that this show is truly a unique experience and this may be the last chance for your students to experience it. If your school has not yet had this opportunity then don’t let it pass you by.

Wearing handmade, traditional costumes the group will entertain your students and staff with drumming, dancing, folklore, acrobatics, history, and language. The show is incredibly high energy and is highlighted by interaction and instruction with students and staff. A rare experience for your school.



This was a truly outstanding show! The interaction with the students was fantastic and the show held our student’s attention the entire time, not to mention they were still talking saying, ‘wow’ all week. I loved that the both the students and staff walked away with more information than they walked in with. Would definitely recommend to any school looking for an amazing show.

Ms. Luckey, Administration - Buena Park, CA

The show had great pace, was very engaging, and we all loved the student and teacher interaction. It was also important and fascinating to learn about life in Africa.

Irma Mudge, Programs - Irvine, CA

The performers were polite and professional before the show and awesome during the performance. Our students were in awe and learned about Africa at the same time. Thank you!

Nancy Martin, Principal - Stockton, CA

Very engaging on many different levels. The group did a fantastic job of cultural, historical, and demographical facts of Africa. The performers were very talented and promoted audience interactions and engagements.

Judy Manyweather, Principal - Gardena, CA

An amazing assembly program, truly one of the best we have ever had. Both the students and staff were fully engaged. Well presented and incredibly professional.

Riverstone International School - Boise, ID

Outstanding! All of our students sat amazed by what they were seeing the performers do. As a principal I enjoyed the fact they involved students and staff in the performance.

Woodbrook Elementary - Charlottesville, VA

Absolutely an excellent presentation! It was very educational and informative on a multi-cultural and social studies level and certainly a wonderful display of the arts! The children and staff absolutely loved the group!

Cutler Elementary - Swanzey, NH