Animal Tales

Program Level: K-8
Type: Reading; Science; Inspirational
Price: $550

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Animal Tales

Animal Tales is a live animal educational program that brings your students favorite animal characters from their most beloved books to life with real live animals!

This awesome program will inspire student’s creativity, encourage more reading, widen their consciousness, nourish there imagination, make them more compassionate, and help them achieve their dreams. As Dr. Seuss quote says “the more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go.”

The presenter will take the students on a fun and exciting reading journey by exploring books such as “Warriors,: “Pete the Cat,” and “The Little Critter Series.” The assembly will also include classics like, 2018 John Newberry Medal winner “Hello, Universe,” “Peter Rabbit,” “Charlottes’s Web,” and “The Jungle Book.” The details of the lesson programming and the selected books will vary and be tailored to be grade appropriate. Every performance will showcase several live animal ambassadors and relate them to the characters in the books, while the presenter teaches your students about animal-human relationships, empathy and compassion, natural history, and geography.

Animal Tales

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The students could barely contain their excitement as the presenter introduced each animal and couldn’t wait for the next one to come out! It is rare that the students are able to have this much fun while learning as much as they did. The teachers were tired of the animal questions by the end of the week!

Dean - Sterling, CO

The presenter was amazing! She was high energy and kept the students full attention throughout the program. We loved how she not only informed the students about the animals, but also a little bit about the cultures in the countries the animals are from, The presenter's love for the animals showed and it was easy to tell that the animals were well taken care of. Not only was this the best assembly program we have had, but a great example for our students as well.

Ms. Calhoun, Administration - Dayton, OH