Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Music; Phys Ed; Dance
Price: Call 800-255-0084

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Barynya, the Premier Eastern European Music & Dance Troupe

The world renowned Russian music, dance, and song group, Barynya is the premier Russian folk ensemble touring the US today. They have performed at Carnegie Hall, The National Constitution Center, The Smithsonian, and the United Nations just to name a few and now the Bureau of Lectures is proud to be able to offer this program to your school. They will perform traditional Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, and Gypsy Roma dancing, songs, and virtuoso performances on several traditional Russian instruments. Every routine is performed in beautiful, hand-made costumes from the region and era of the performance and an explanation will be given to the students on the significance and cultural uniqueness of each. During the show your students will also learn some Russian words and phrases as well as some audience interaction with some of the most famous dances.

The Bureau of Lectures has always prided itself on bringing unique cultural experiences to schools across the country and this is a great chance for your students to take part in that journey.


The members of Barynya are excellent cultural ambassadors who speak to (and with) their student audience in a direct, unscripted way that impressed all of the staff. Their music making and dancing were tremendous and their costumes gorgeous. We would highly recommend this to anyone, Bravo!

Mr. Young, Director - Miami, NM

Everyone enjoyed the Russian music and dance trio, Barynya! The performers danced, sang, and played several really cool instruments. The students and teachers loved the costumes and the bear was a hit. We all learned some Russian words and thought the performers were spectacular.

Ms. Long, ESL teacher - Harrisonville, VA

We loved the way the performers involved our students! An amazing, educational performance!

Bethlehem Elementary School - Bethlehem, NH

Wonderful show! Would recommend to every school. Can't wait to have them again.

Academy of Christian Education - Reston, VA

This troop performed from the heart and entertained every minute of their time here. There were no gaps of time wasted on stage. Very colorful and talented.

Weaverville Primary School - Weaverville, NC

We were very impressed with the presentation! Was informative, educational and fun. Our older grades were engaged as well. Sometimes that can be a challenge. Thank you for a wonderful performance.

Martin Luther Christian School - Pennsauken, NJ