Program Level: K-12
Type: Dance; Multi-Cultural; Music
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The Bureau of Lectures is proud to introduce Cubanana a musical duo and their popular school assembly, Melodías y danzas de Cuba, an immersion in Cuban culture enriched by stories and audience participation. Cubanana is comprised of Jesus, a hit songwriter and musician from Cuba and Carrie, a singer/dancer with a master’s degree in education. Your students will learn a variety of songs, rhythms, dances, and instruments, while gaining historical, linguistic, and cultural perspectives.

Cubanana envisions a world getting along in joyous melodies. When Cubanana presents popular Cuban music and dance, everyone loves to join in—singing, dancing and playing instruments! This immersion into Cuban culture is enriched by stories and helps students explore the possibility of dreams.


This is a brilliant program. Fascinating. Many artists come in as great musicians, but Cubanana came in as excellent musicians and teachers. This has a strong educational component. Carrie is a natural teacher who made connections and involved the audience. I can measure the children's enthusiasm for the presenters by their engagement and behavior and their attention was fixed. Everyone came away knowing something new about Cuba. That was brilliant.

Ms. Kaczynski, Music Teacher - East Berlin, CT

Nowhere have I seen the level of talent, attentiveness to students, and the knowledge of the music combined with the pedagogical skill like I have seen with Carrie and Jesus of Cubanana!

Assistant Professor, World Language Education - Queens College/CUNY, New York City