Forward Motion BMX

Program Level: K-12
Type: Motivational; Inspirational; Phys Ed
Price: $795

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Forward Motion BMX

For the first time ever, The Bureau of Lectures is incredibly proud to have the opportunity to bring your school, Forward Motion BMX. Incorporating an inspirational theme to make the most of their time in front of your students; our professional BMX riders showcase extreme athleticism, years of disciplined practice, and a positive attitude to help guide your students to find their passion in life. Tricks like back-flips and “supermans” enable our riders to capture even the most difficult audience’s attention and opens a window to present inspirational messages from topics that can influence students to think about their own futures and how they can become positive role models for their community. Shows are all inclusive; utilizing 2 professional BMX riders, a 4ft tall jump, and professional sound equipment for an action packed and inspirational show experience. In their own words, “Our show is designed to help us lead by example, and ignite the desire to do so in others.”

Forward Motion BMX


I want to extend a sincere thank you on behalf of all of our students and staff. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was, by far, one of our best assemblies. Students were very excited and also received a positive message from you guys. Your comments about passion for your work, remaining drug-free, and bike safety were greatly appreciated. Again, thank you!

Principal - Elkton, MD

The Forward Motion team provided an amazing show and an even better message! Their team of professionals not only wowed the students with their stunts, but also brought a message of positivity in decision making and academics. I will definitely use this group in the future to implement bike safety and promote physical health and good decision making with my students.

Principal - Pikeville, NC