Joe Odhiambo

Program Level: K-12
Type: Phys Ed; Motivational; Anti-Bullying
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Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo

Joe Odhiambo is one of the best school assembly programs that you will find anywhere. His programs are unique because Joe Odhiambo does not just tell his audience that they will succeed if they work hard, he shows them through physical examples.

  • NBA All-Star Performer (2006, 07, 08, 09, 10)
  • Former Phoenix Suns and Mercury Performer
  • World’s Greatest Basketball Dribbler (12-time Guinness World Record Holder)

Joe “the trick-star” Odhiambo is originally from Kenya in East Africa. His humble upbringing taught him the drive and work ethic which has allowed him to become the best in his class. Odhiambo now communicates these tough life lessons and experiences to his audience. He strongly believes that even though we start the race in different places, at the end of the day, what you put in is what you will get back.

Joe shows the students that all people can succeed in life through five attributes Joe believes in:

  • Faith in Yourself: Believing in one’s ability regardless of what others say.
  • Persistence: Ability to endure hardship, keep working hard until you attain your goals.
  • Patience: Working long hard hours because you understand what it takes to succeed through practice.
  • Working Hard. Understanding that there is no short-cut to anywhere worth going.
  • Responsibility: Follow through with what needs to be done to get the job done.
Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo

Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo
Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo

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Joe “The Trick-Star” Odhiambo

Joe was personable, fun, and brought a lot of energy. His message of working hard and taking responsibility was great. Many people expressed how much they enjoyed the assembly and that it was the best we have ever had.

Nathan Schmutz, Principal - Connell, WA

Joe’s program was a slam dunk success! His personal story combined with his talents kept everyone highly engaged. There was a lot of student involvement which made it even more entertaining.

Melody McMaster. Assembly Coordinator - Gaston, OR

So talented and truly keeps his audience’s attention. Joe does a great job of showing students what working hard and believing in yourself can do.

Lisa Vande Steeg, Asst. Principal - Granite Bay, CA

The students loved the show. Joe was amazing in his ability to get his message across in the same subtle way he kept adding another ball to his tricks. Everyone in the building was wowed! An awesome entertainer and educator. He used so many students and teachers, both girls and boys, from pre-k all the way to 8th graders. Everyone was cheering and having a great time! Another top quality show from The Bureau of Lectures.

Lynne Soltys, Program Coordinator - Edison, NJ

The show was amazing. Joe was an inspiration to the students and he was able to have them participate in the program in a very meaningful way. Such a positive message.

Cindy King, School Aide - Flushing, NY