Laser Science

Program Level: K-12
Type: Science
Price: $595

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The Bureau of Lectures presents LaserScience

Imagine your student’s excitement as they walk down the hall to a professional Laser light show! The only thing better than that excitement is your staff’s knowledge that all of this “fun” fits right into their STEM curriculum.

LaserScience isn’t just any light show: first, we figure out how to put it together. We begin each show with a single light. It’s what we do with the beam that makes the show amazing. Figuring out how we perceive that light, we create a full-blown laser spectacle to the tune of popular music, with dancing, 3-D shapes floating overhead. We build it as big as you need it! We’ll engineer a large scale light show, bring our signature painting with light photo booth, or animate your school’s logo or mascot with the laser.

LaserScience is all about optics and vision. The physics of optics help us add layers of excitement to the show. But that’s half the story. We also explore how one beam creates entire images, using the science of our eyes. As we play with visual perception, we even delve into motion in movies, cartoons, and laser shows.

  • Persistence of vision
  • Perception of motion
  • Light Rays and Momentum
  • How Lasers make Light
  • How Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) work together
Laser Science

Laser Science
Laser Science

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Laser Science

This show was AWESOME! The presenter was phenomenal. All of our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the show and I would recommend this show in a heartbeat. Well worth the $$!

Principal - Uxbridge, MA

The entire audience, comprised of pre-k through 6th grade, faculty, staff, and community officials were mesmerized. I have already recommended this program to my fellow principals. Again, an outstanding program, thank you for the opportunity.

Program coordinator - Avon, NY

My daughter (age 8) said it was the best assembly she had ever seen and my son (age12) actually admitted that he enjoyed it too! Quite a feat! Thank you.

PTA - Olney, MD

The show was excellent. Zachary was an excellent presenter, giving students solid information that was interesting and age appropriate. An incredible learning experience and very engaging!

Lincoln Elementary School - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Our students have all seen a laser show in the past, but this time we learned how it was done. The students also learned how elements of math, science, and fine arts are needed to create a laser light show. Excellent!

St. Helena School - Edison, NJ

Great show for all ages! Music enhanced the visual parts of the show and there was a great message given to the students at the end to tie everything together. One student even stated, 'This show was better than a snow day!' Another student commented, 'this was the most amazing-est show ever!'

Principal - Cincinnati, OH