Program Level: K-12
Type: Motivation; Music
Price: $750

Show Details
Realize Anything’s Possible (R.A.P.) featuring Ike Hill and Cutright

JHLMG artists, Cutright and Ike Hill are returning to the Bureau of Lectures line up with what’s being called the best assembly ever! The energy, excitement and production of the show captivates and engages both students and teachers. The life lessons the audience learns around respect, optimism and perseverance can be applied to their everyday lives.

Cutright and Ike Hill, provide an interactive assembly program for grades K-12, by way of a full production rap concert that connects with youth through positive music while delivering an encouraging message. They hit on topics like:

  • Literacy
  • Respecting one another’s differences
  • Persevering through obstacles
  • Having an optimistic attitude
  • Reaching goals through self-discipline
  • Discovering potential

Cutright and Ike are also more than happy to tailor their show to a specific topic your school would like highlighted and promise to deliver an entertaining and energetic performance using humor, crowd engagement, and hip-hop to help youth realize that anything is possible when you have the right perspective.


AMAZING!!! The best assembly we have ever had. The students, staff, teachers, and parents loved it.

Programs at New Horizon School of Irvine - Irvine, CA

The R.A.P. artist were some of the best we’ve had. They really connected the message with the music and our kids and staff couldn’t stop talking about them, It was like having a real Rap concert at school! We would definitely love to have them again.

School Operations Officer - Hanford, CA

This assembly was by far the school favorite. OUTSTANDING!!! Kids talked about this for the next week and are asking when they can come again! Teachers loved it as well. Positive and so uplifting. Had a wonderful message and everybody was on their feet. Thank you...!! Please want more...!!!

Vice Principal - San Diego, CA