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Program Level: K-12
Type: Science
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Reptile Discovery – Presented by Bruce Shwedick

Your guide on this journey is Bruce Shwedick. Since 1974 Bruce has shared his fascination and knowledge of reptiles with students of all ages in thousands of schools, at Florida Cypress Gardens and most recently, at the North Carolina Aquarium. He combines an ability to communicate with a skillful and gentle approach for an unforgettable look at the world of reptiles.

Reptile Discovery provides an opportunity for students to meet and learn about reptiles from all over the world. Their natural history, geography and conservation are presented in a manner that students enjoy and understand. Each program includes:

  • a fifteen pound Yellow-footed Tortoise from South America
  • a 4 foot long Rhinoceros Iguana from Hispaniola
  • a brightly colored, non-venomous Milksnake (the Coral snake mimic)
  • The Green Anaconda from South America
  • a 14 foot long albino Reticulated Python from South-east Asia

Programs may also include a large replica croc skull.

Reptile Discovery – Presented by Bruce Shwedick

Reptile Discovery – Presented by Bruce Shwedick

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Reptile Discovery – Presented by Bruce Shwedick

Mr. Shwedick did an amazing job. He was extremely knowledgeable, held the students' attention and the animals were fun and entertaining.

Chamberlin Elementary School - Port Allen, LA

Bruce and his show was not only very entertaining but quite educational as well. It was a great program.

Elizabeth School - Elizabeth, LA

The show was just awesome. The students were mesmerized by it – especially the albino Indian Rock Python.

Dallas Academy - Dallas, TX

Students thoroughly enjoyed the reptiles. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of reptiles. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone.

Newton High School - Newton, TX
Reptile Discovery Brings ‘Snakes Alive’ to USU

by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nathan Parde NSAB Public Affairs staff writer

Hundreds of medical students, staff and their families attended a “Snakes Alive” presentation at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) March 11.

Bruce Shwedick, director of Reptile Discovery Programs, has traveled the world nearly four decades to learn about various reptiles, and brought more than a dozen snakes to the campus to teach medical students how to treat snake bites and the effects of venom.

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