The Science of Sound

Program Level: K-9
Type: Science
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The Science of Sound

Experience sound as you’ve never seen, felt, or heard it before. Use your voice to create a giant laser show. Run a resonance relay race. Rock out to odd instruments and sounds from students. Explore what makes music…musical!

Concepts Explored:

  • Vibrations – What is sound? How do we make sound? How does sound travel?
  • Amplitude – What is volume?
  • Frequency – Why do notes sound high or low?
  • Resonance – How do musical instruments make different notes?
The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound
The Science of Sound

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The Science of Sound

Just wanted to thank you again for another terrific show. As always, once The Bureau of Lectures goes on the flyer, the registration sheet fills up, and no one leaves disappointed. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your thoughtfulness (staying late to make sure every child had a chance to play went above and beyond!), and we look forward to your next round of wizardry.

East Rutherford Memorial Library - East Rutherford, NJ